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Pike County Sheriff's Report
Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte reports the following were handled by his office from
December 28th thru January 3rd.

12/28    Report of suspicious vehicle CR 134 & CR 136
              Report of a theft, Clarksville Boat Club / Report taken
              Report of a disturbance in St Clement Hwy 161 / report taken
              Report of a theft Pike 291 / report taken

12/29    Abandoned vehicle on County road 443 / vehicle towed
              Report of Motor vehicle accident Hwy 61 N B Eolia / no injuries / MSHP
              Pike County Deputies assisted MSHP on traffic stop Hwy 54 E of BG
              Pike county deputies assisted LAPD in locating subject / subject located

12/30    Report of theft Hwy WW / report taken
              Report of theft  Pike 132 / report taken
              Assisted PCMH with 96 hour commitment order / subject transported
12/31    Pike county deputies assisted Montgomery County and MSHP in
             locating subject and vehicle / subject located by MSHP
             Report of domestic assault Pike 155 / report taken
             Report of dispute Pike 266 / parties separated

01/01    Report of commercial alarm Hwy 79 Clarksville / business secure
             Pike county deputies assisted MSHP Hwy 79 S of LA
             Report of domestic assault Hwy 54 W of LA / report taken
             Pike county deputies assisted LAPD in locating wanted subject
             Report of attempted break in / unfounded
             Report of suspicious vehicle area of Hwy 54 & Vera / no locate
             Report of motor vehicle accident car vs. deer / no injuries / report taken

01/02    Report of commercial alarm Hwy W / unfounded / business secure
              Arrested subject on out of county warrant / turned over to Audrain Co   

01/03    Report of motor vehicle accident Hwy 61 just S of RT F & HH with property               
damage / MSHP
              Report of property damage Pike 409 / Report taken        
              Pike County Deputies assisted MSHP Hwy 54 and Business 54
              Report of abuse Pike 9300 / unfounded
              Report of gun shots Pike 134 / unfounded

37 Civil Papers served, 13 persons booked, 9 released, 87 Traffic Stops and 15 911 calls.
All persons charged with a crime are innocent till proven guilty in a court of law.
The Northeast Missouri Area Agency on Aging and local Senior Centers assist Medicare
Beneficiaries throughout Northeast Missouri apply for three programs that save many
Missourians money on the cost of their medications and the premiums they pay for their
Medicare coverage.  These programs are the Medicare Savings Program, Limited Income
Subsidy Program, and the MORx Program.

The Medicare Savings Program helps pay for Medicare Part A and/or Part B premiums.  If you
have Medicare Part A and your income is below $1,239 if you are single (1,660 if married),
and your resources are at or below $4,000 if single or $6,000 if married, you should apply for
help paying your Medicare costs.

Limited Income Subsidy or “Extra Help” as some call it is available for some people with limited
income and resources. It will pay for all or most of the monthly premiums and annual deductibles
and lower the prescription co-payments related to their plan. The Extra Help is estimated to be
worth an average of $3,900 per year.  Many people with limited income and resources qualify
for these big savings and don’t even know it.  If your income is below $16,245 ($21,855 for a
married couple living together) and have resources less than $12,510 ($25,010 for a married
couple living together) you may qualify for extra help.
MORx works with the beneficiary’s Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to help Medicare
Beneficiaries save money on prescription drugs.  This is a free program which covers up to a 31
day supply for each prescription filled at a Missouri pharmacy that is covered on the
beneficiaries’ Part D formulary.  To qualify you must be a Missouri resident, be enrolled in a
Medicare Part D Plan and your yearly income must be less than $21,660 if single or $29,140 if
married.  Savings and assets are not counted to qualify for this program.

If you or someone you know might qualify for any of the above programs, all it takes is a phone
call to the Northeast Missouri Area Agency office in Kirksville, Missouri at 800-664-6338, and
you will receive assistance with any questions and filing the necessary applications.  NEMO
AAA programs are funded in part by grants from the United States Department of Health and
Human Services, Administration on Aging, Missouri Department of Social Services and the
Department of Health and Senior Services.
Get Help With Medicare Costs
Northeast Missouri Area Agency on Aging
When does your road get plowed?
Modot explains snow plowing procedures
Priority One Roads
Priority One roads have higher traffic volumes and include U.S. Route 19, U.S. Route 54, U.S.
Route 36, and I-72. Some local roads with higher traffic counts also are included.  A Priority
One road will be treated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until it is at normal conditions
(pavement is wet or dry but no frozen material).

Priority Two Roads
A Priority Two road will be plowed, and the hills, curves, intersections and bridges will be
treated with an abrasive mixture during the storm.  After the storm has ended, we treat the entire
road with the abrasive mixture.  We will continue to plow the road as long as we are able to
remove frozen material. At that time, we go home until the next day so the material on the road
will have adequate time to work.

If you notice your road is partly covered, please drive slower and more cautiously than normal.

Like all businesses, MoDOT is working as efficiently as possible during tough economic times.  
We appreciate your help to continue to make our roads safe during and after a winter event.  
Please remember to drive slowly and always be sure you’re buckled in.

If you're traveling during winter weather, please visit our Traveler Information Map for the latest
road conditions.

If you have questions about our snow removal operations, or any transportation-related
projects, please give us a call at 1-888-275-6636 or email us at customerservice3@modot.mo.
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