Last week the Twin Pike Family YMCA 21st Century program began its annual summer day
camp.  Day camp this year will run June 29th through August 7th and will be held at the
Meriwether building.  Attendance is up a little from last year with enrollment the first week at
about 65 campers.  The YMCA Day Camp Director, Melinda Brooks, is starting her seventh
year in that role.  Other staff members working the day camp this year include Melinda Brooks;
director, Benita Asquith, Karen Taylor, Megan Nacke, Jessica Cashman, Richelle Dorsey, and
Rae Turner.
  The theme for this year’s camp is “A Step Back in Time”.  Several activities will feature
historical information about people, places, and things from years past.  A typical day’s
schedule features predetermined activities in the centers, outside recreation, library time,
lunch, creative time, swim lessons, and home room activities.  The day camp will feature some
guest presenters with an emphasis on the camp theme and swimming at the Louisiana pool
three days per week.  Campers will be transported from Meriwether to the pool and back on a
school bus driven by a school district bus driver.  Campers will be supervised at the pool by all
of the regular day camp staff members as well as the YMCA swimming pool staff.  Day camp
hours are 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. with extended hours offered from 7:30 a.m. until 8:30 a.m.
and 4:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. each day.  Students who attend day camp do have to bring their
lunches but snacks are provided.  Parents are asked to escort their children into the
Meriwether building upon arrival each day.  In the evenings a day camp staff member will be
available in the parking lot to quickly call for campers to be picked up.
  We encourage parents to contact Melinda Brooks at Meriwether throughout the day camp
session (phone number: 573-754-0270) or call the YMCA 21st CCLC office at 573-754-4999 if
they have questions.
  Also, we would like to encourage parents of all K – 6th grade students who attend Bowling
Green, Frankford, BONCL, Louisiana, or Clopton to contact the YMCA 21st CCLC office if they
are interested in enrolling their child(ren) in the before or after school programs at any of the
schools (phone # 573-754-4999).  Often it is difficult to contact the regular year site
coordinators during summer months.  We would very much appreciate enrollment in advance
rather than waiting until school starts.  The 21st CCLC after school program is available every
day of the school year starting with the first day of school.  BONCL, Clopton, and Louisiana
offer extended hours one hour before regular school and two hours afterwards.  The programs
at Bowling Green and Frankford are after school only.  Transportation home is available at the
Clopton, Louisiana, and BONCL sites.
A group of the YMCA Day Campers are enjoying a snack during their break from swimming.  
They are as follows:  1st row (left to right): Lance Griffith, Jose Luevano, and Shy Due.
2nd row:  Ellen Riffle, Jake Sencenbaugh, Jadyn Branch.
3rd row (standing): Taybren Campbell, Cierra Gibbs, Ronald McKenzie, Libby Abel, and Hallie
Back row:  Autum Webb, Mary Hendricks, Sal Niemeyeo, Charles Gollaher, and Dennis Riffle.
614 Kelly Lane, Louisiana, MO 63353  (573) 754-4497
Mon – Fri   5:30A – 9:00P  -  Sat   6:00A – 8:00P  -  Sun 1:00P – 5:00P